I got slightly obsessed making hats over the winter. All  I had been made before was blankets so I decided that I need to learn how to do something new. Once I did one or two I was hooked and was then churning them out at a rate of knots!

So here’s a few of them with the patterns I used:

Pink Mousy Hat

I made this as a Christmas present for a friends daughter. The pattern for this single crochet hat from favecrafts. It ended up a little too long but I think it looks just as cute rolled up.


Dino Spikes Hat

This was another Christmas present, this time for another friends son. The main body of the hat was made using pattern on Just be Happy and I kinda made up the ear flaps but there are loads of patterns out there for hats with ear flaps. The pattern for the spikes came from The Boy Trifecta and I even used her colour scheme because I liked it so much. I’m really happy at how this hat turned out, although it still is a little big for the little guy…but at least he’ll grow into it!

Baby Bonnet

This was for a newborn and of course…I made it too big. Still, I think it worked out well. The flower is taken from 100 flowers to knit and crochet. The hat pattern uses double crochet stitch and I made the little out-turned edge by increasing ( I did two double crochet in each stitch).


I made this for Lexi the week before last (August/September 2012). I think it tuned out really cute. It was pretty small (damn my tight tension!) but it just about fit her. I got the pattern from Alli Crafts blog.

Needles to say she grew out of it in about a week and her Mam asked me to make her another one, for a birth announcement card photo shoot. I call this one  ‘Strawberry Fields’


Thank You Hat

This was for a friends son, to say thank you to his father for taking our wedding pics. It is based on this Sweet Potato Beanie pattern.


Birthday Hat

A present for a friends Birthday…I love this pattern where you end up with lots of different textures, again this is based on the Sweet Potato Beanie Pattern.



I made this hat as a birthday present for my sister in law for her birthday in March 2012, she loved it and had it only about 3 days when my mother’s dogs decided to tear it apart! I remade it for her in September… The button came from my great grandmothers button tin.


A Few More Hats

These are a couple more hats that I made using the patterns above. The little cream bear one turned out very very tiny…but it just about fits a small newborn!


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