Mother’s Day Blanket

I got the pattern for the squares from this book. It has patterns for 99 different squares, so I have loads of choice for future blankets (another friend just told me she’s pregnant and due in March so I’m going to have to start planning one for her too!) although not all would be suitable for making a blanket.

I started this blanket in August with the plan of having it ready by December. Well I got all the squares made and ran out of the yarn I was using to join…so here we are on the 15th Feb 2012 and I still haven’t finished it!! This week I WILL order the yarn I need to finish it!

Update: So I finally finished this blanket in March and gave it to my Mam for Mothers Day.

Update: I took some pics of the finished blanket when I was up in my Mams yesterday. It’s gotten a bit worn from the dogs sitting on it. I couldn’t even take a picture of it without Rosie jumping on it and rolling around!


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