Creed Hood

I wanted to do something new so I decided to try and learn the crocodile stitch, but needed a project to do with it. I told Dyl I’d make him a crocodile stitch scarf, so we went into The Constant Knitter to pick up some yarn…and of course he picked the most expensive one in the shop (Manos Del Uruguay silk blend in Orinoco) …it is beautiful though! While we were there Rosemary showed us a cowl she had knitted with the same yarn, Dyl loved it so when we went home he looked up some patterns online and found this cowl/hood that he liked. He calls it his Assassins Creed Hood.

So I am in the middle of making this now…so far so good, although I do think my tension has gotten tighter since I did a gauge check!

Update 14/09/2012

So I ripped this and started again. I realised that I made a few mistakes in the first two rows. They were on the edge that will be sewn into a seam so they wouldn’t have been seen, but I want it to be perfect. So happy I ripped it cause I have finished 16 rows now and it looks perfect!

I’m dying to finish work today and get home to work on this….sad I know, especially since its Friday night, but I’ve got a cold and feeling very lazy so planning on a telly & crochet night!

Update 21/01/2013

I added on 2 more rows of crocodile stitches to the hood to make it a bit bigger. I then blocked the cowl and the hood but this was my first time blocking anything and I think I blocked them too hard. I lost some of the bounce of the fabric.


After all this blocking I sewed it together and my husband decided the hood was too big.He didn’t want to loose the extra rows of crocodile stitches that I did so I unpicked the hood from the cowl. I then cut off a few of the starting rows, and picked back up the stitches, did a line of sc, and then sewed it back together and re-blocked the seam. I was a little nervous about attempting this, but it actually turned out to be pretty easy and effective!

After all that effort he decided that it doesn’t suit him, but my Aunt loves it so I have given it to her.

I really like this yarn and I am definitely going to use it again.

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