My DIY(ish) Wedding…Part 1…Bouquets and Boutonnières

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I have been intending to post some of our wedding crafty stuff for the last few months but was waiting until I had all the pics etc. I have decided that I am just going to do it little by little and update posts as more pics come in or else I’m never going to do it at all!

So I’m going to start with one of my fav parts…my crochet bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets and the boutonnières.

As the planning got started and I nosed around the web; etsy, ravelry and blogs for some ideas, I came across these vintage brooch bouquets. I have seen a few that I thought were fab, some cute ones and some a little gaudy. Anyway this gave me the idea to do some crochet flowers and embellish them with brooches.

IMG_20120720_220624The colour scheme of the wedding was teals, blues, greens, turquoises etc with gold. I though it might be a little much to crochet the flowers with all these colours so decided to do them cream and embellish with sparkly (but not too blingy) brooches which had some of the wedding colours.
The flowers were made using an Irish Rose pattern that I found on the Crochet Geek blog, some had two layers and some with three. I got some of my brooches from etsy and ebay, and one or two from my Mam (some of which had belonged to my Granny!), I also used some some earrings I had. I had fully intended to trawl the flea markets and second hand shops of Dublin looking for brooches but I found it much too easy to shop from my desk as usual!

7936027426_1968dfb4c1_oWhen I had the majority of the flowers done and started to play around with them and brooches it looked a bit too plain so I added a few flowers that I crocheted in gold fingering weight yarn. These were already too sparkly and blingy to put brooches on but  I found these lovely teal buttons in Crown Jewles in town, and sewed them into the middle of the gold flowers. I also left some of the cream flowers without any brooches as I thought that it might be a bit overkill if they all had them.

To put them all together and get the flowers to stand like flowers in a bouquet I used gardening wire (for my bouquet) and some gold jewellery wire for the bridesmaids bouquets and the boutonnières. I had some lovely bluish silk that I had bought online and used this to hide the stems, combined with a shoe clip for a little bit more sparkle!For the boutonnières I got some gold and teal beads and made them stand up with the gold jewellery wire, and wrapped in ribbon.

Groom wearing his Boutonnière

 On to Part 2 – Decorations


6 thoughts on “My DIY(ish) Wedding…Part 1…Bouquets and Boutonnières

  1. How did you bind the stems in your bouquets?
    I’m trying to figure this out at the moment. Have used quiet firm florist wire, and florists tape to “stem” my individual roses. Just stuck putting them together and combining them.
    Which is tough as I only have 11 days till I fly out to NZ for my wedding

    • Hi Sophia,
      It’s so long ago now I am trying to remember – I used wire – at first I used florist wire but I think I found it too thick. I think I wound jewelry wire around the inner part of the bottom row of petals and tried to combine them so the wire wasn’t visible. Congrats on your upcoming wedding – I hope you have a fabulous day!

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