I’m a big fan of Amigurumi, crochet Amigurumi in particular. I recently did Stacey Trock’s  Amigurumi: Woodland Animals class on Craftsy and made the little blue bird for a friends daughter for her first birthday. It turned out so cute and she loved it.


I love Stacey’s patterns…there are so many of them on Ravelry. I’m currently trying to decided what to make next and I keep getting sucked into browsing her Ravelry page for hours! Her FreshStitches website is also one of the nicest crochet amigurumi sites I’ve seen, and her blog is well worth a look.

Here are a couple more Amigurumi designers that I think do some beautiful stuff and are well worth a look if you want to make some cute little guys:

  • Marika Uustare on Ravelry and Etsy – I love this Giraffe
  • Ana Paulaoli on Ravelry and Etsy – some super cute animal bags and other little guys.
  • June Gilbank on Ravelry and Planet June  – lots of fruit, cacti, animals, dinosaurs and others.
  • Dawn Toussaint on Ravelry and her site – some very pretty and elegant little softies.

I am hoping to make some of these in the coming months…but for stuff I have done already check out my Amigurumi page.

2 thoughts on “Love….Amigurumi

  1. This is probably a silly question but what exactly is Amigurumi. I see the word all the time. Is it just cute toys or is it more specific? Super cute by the way…

    • Hi Jenny, yeh pretty much cute toys. The word comes from Japanese. I think is is mainly used for small stuffed toys…but I call any crocheted or knitted toys amigurumi….I like the word!

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