My DIY(ish) wedding…Part 2…Decorations


Bunting Hanging in Marquee (Photo  Omar O’Sullivan)

Carrying on from my previous post My DIY(ish) wedding…Part 1 here is some more or the crafty things we made and did for our wedding. Again, please excuse the quality of some of the photots, I didnt get as many or as good pics of some of the stuff as I would have liked.


We got married in Tailors Hall, a beautiful old building in Dublin centre. Because of the buildings age and beauty, we didn’t need much decoration, and I’m not particularly into “wedding” decorations but I wanted to do something. We were so lucky that our wedding fell on the only week in the whole summer where the sun was shining. We had wanted to have most of the reception, and our BBQ dinner in the courtyard outside, and thankfully the weather obliged. There was a big marquee over the guests tables, with the head table out in the courtyard.

I found a tutorial for making bunting and decided that I had to give it ago, especially since I had just gotten a sewing machine for my birthday, so I bought lots of fat quarters of different blues/greens/teals/turquoises online (mainly on Etsy) and got making…and I was very happy with the result, especially when they were all hanging in the marquee and  over the entrance door of the building.

I also made some crochet bunting to hang over the giant fireplace in the bar using the idea from this blog. It had flowers and crochet triangles, the pattern for which I made up, so the triangles ended up a bit small and didn’t turn out as buntingy as I would have liked (I think it still looked nice though).
I made tons of flowers of all different sizes and colours (still in the blue/green theme) using the same pattern as I did for my crochet bouquet. Some we hung from the marquee ceiling, others on the front of the marquee, tied to the posts and more on the iron bars on the windows of the building.


I got some lanterns cheap in Pennys and dotted them around the place. We had hoped to have more candles outside but no one ever got around to lighting them!

I have lots more to post…mostly stuff that my husband made, but I think this will do for now.

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