Christmas Gifts – Cowls and Scarfs and Snowflakes

I decided to make a few Christmas presents this year, a few small and relatively quick projects so I’d have them ready for Christmas Day, but of course I didn’t. They were all made but I didn’t have time to block them, so I gave them and then took them back to block them.

Blue Winter Infinity Scarf

bluescarf2The biggest thing I made was this infinity scarf for my sister. I made it using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran even though the pattern called for DK because I wanted it to be really warm and snuggly. I was a little worried at first because  it looked like the stitch definition of the lacy stitches weren’t going to show through with the aran weight, but after blocking the stitches opened up and it ended up looking quiet well.

Blush and Colourful Cowls

I’ve had a bit of a cowl addiction recently, they are such handy presents because they are relatively quick and easy to do. So I made one each for my Mam, my Sister and my Auntie. I used an easy one row pattern for my Aunties cowl (Blush Cowl) in Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran yarn and the same pattern in a colourful Lang Millie Colori yarn for my sisters cowl.

Purple Shell Cowl

I made my Mam’s cowl from the same Lang Millie Colori yarn but in a different colourway (more of a purple) and used a shell stitch cowl pattern. I love the shift in the colour in this yarn, it works really well for this pattern too.



A friend of mine gave me this lovely book on crocheting snowflakes the week before Christmas. I had been looking around at various patterns for snowflakes and was so delighted to get this. Unfortunately with all the other crocheting I was doing I didn’t get a chance to make as many of these as I would have liked…but there is always next year! I made about 6 of them using a 4ply cotton yarn and then blocked them using spray starch. I had been searching on and off for spray starch for about a year and ended up finding some Dylon spray  starch in Superquinn in Walkinstown when I wasn’t looking for it!
I added some ribbons to the snowflakes and gave them to a friend and she loved them. The ones below are Kossava,  #17 in the book (Page 52).


9 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts – Cowls and Scarfs and Snowflakes

  1. I love the magic of blocking. I block everything now, even if it doesn’t have lace in it as it just makes everything lie flatter. Having said that I didn’t block any of my Christmas presents either,

    • Yeh I am the same…I hate doing it but I know its worth it. I procrastinate so much about it though…hence only getting pics of this stuff now. Also finished a shawl last week and still haven’t even made an attempt to block it yet!

    • Thanks Cathy!
      Yeh I had searched for it in most big supermarkets and just came across it in Superquinn when I wasn’t looking. Have heard that some dry cleaners stock it too…or you can make it at home..but seems like too much effort for me!

    • Thanks Ev, if you really want to learn to knit or crochet there are so many tutorials, youtube vids and blogs online. Also classes on around the place – Springwools in Walkinstown, This is Knit in Powerscourt Town House and The Constant Knitter on Francais St are a few.

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