My First Knit


In a previous post I talked about learning to knit with the Slushie Cowl kit my sister gave me as a present. This was relatively easy but as I was only starting out knitting at the time it was slow…very slow…so slow that I gave up on it and went back to crochet as it was so much faster. I picked it up again after a while and managed to finish it (and speed up my knitting).

I used the yarn that came in the kit; Lousia Harding Grace and Debbie Bliss Party Angel. I think the colours and the yarns go very well together, although I did find the Louisa Harding one a bit splity but I forgive it due to it’s beautiful silky texture and sheen. The pattern was also from the kit but can be found here on Ravelry.


I crocheted this together with slip stitches before adding on the edging and then did the edging in the round (the pattern puts on the edging before sewing together). The edging is all in stockinette stitch, as opposed to garter stitch in the pattern.  This was my first time picking up stitches and found it very difficult to see where the stitches were because of having 2 different weight yarns. On the second side I ended up picking up the stitches with a crochet hook and then transferring them to a knitting needle, this was so much quicker and easier for me.

I blocked it loosely because I didnt want to loose the bouncyness, but I had to block out the crocheted seam and the stockinette edge.

I’ve worn it a few times since finishing and it’s lovely and warm without being too restrictive.



3 thoughts on “My First Knit

  1. I’ve knit the slushie cowl too and love the textures the two different yarns create. I love the colours your sister chose for you, it’s really gorgeous. This nice weather can’t last so I’m sure you’ll get plenty of wear out of it this Christmas.

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