Super-sized crochet


12_mm_bamboo_hook_def__83604_zoomI keep seeing beautiful rugs or mats made crocheted with t-shirt yarn or rope and always wondered how difficult it would be to use these materials and on this scale. I was out in Winnie’s Craft Cafe a few months ago and bought a Hoooked Zpagetti Bag kit. It came with 2 skeins (more like cones actually) of t-shirt yarn, a 12 mm hook, bag handles and some very poor pattern instructions to make the ‘Milano’ bag.

9294894930_5de01a85deIt took a little while to get use to the giant hook and yarn but once I got going it flew along. All in all it only took a few hours to crochet the bag but as I had intended to line it, it languished in my crochet corner for months before I got around to getting off my ass to buying some fabric to line it with.

The fabric I used was black cotton from The Cloth Shop and then some beautiful Tilda ‘birdcage’ cotton from A Rubenesque. I used two different fabrics so th9294896092_22dd3b17f2at the lining wouldn’t be visible from the outside but I would still have a lovely pretty lining on the inside. It also made the lining thick and feel very durable. I very roughly measured the bag and then sewed the two fabrics together – right sides facing, leaving a little section unsewn so I could turn it inside out (or right side round). I then just sewed up the sides (again right sides facing) and voila! I had lining for my bag. I hand sewed a few stitches at each of the bottom corners to secure the lining and then hand sewed the top onto the crochet bag.  The little flower was actually one of the decorations I had made for my wedding nearly a year ago.

I love this bag! I have gotten lots of nice complements when I’ve worn it out. The only problem is that due to the handles, it is not an every day kind of bag, I only use it when going out to something. I’m also not a huge fan of the plastic handles that came in the kit, but I’ll change these out for some nice wooden ones if I see any on my travels.


Since making this I have had great plans to make my own t-shirt yarn to make some more items, but of course the best laid plans…….. ah I will get around to it some day!

Here are some links to tutorials – if you are anything like me you will look at about 5 different ones to see how they each do things differently:


5 thoughts on “Super-sized crochet

  1. Very pretty! You did a great job on the lining. I’m glad that you mentioned the handles because now I will make sure to use wooden ones. I love collecting old broaches and I have always wanted to use them on a bag for myself. Thanks for the inspiration to get out my big hook.

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