Leaflines WIP

I am currently working on a Leaflines crochet shawl for my Mother in-law.  I had seen this pattern months ago and have finally gotten around to making it. I love the fpdc and bpdc stitches – they end up looking like ribbing and this pattern uses them in such a beautiful way. I decided to make this for my mother in-law as she is very much into her garden and nature and will love this (I hope). The red yarn makes the shawl look like an Autumn leave (and it’s also her fav colour)

So far so good – It took a few  false starts to get the pattern straight in my head but once I was comfortable with it, I flew. I love the effect of the post stitches but not a huge fan of doing the back post stitches and they are a little more fiddly than the front ones – but like everything – you get into the rhythm of it and soon get used to it.


I’m on row 38 – nearly half way through! I’ve had to stop myself from doing too much as this is meant to be my travel project – something I can crochet on the plane (I’m off to the US for 2 weeks!). The picture is at about row 8 or so – so it doesn’t really look like much. I’ll post more pictures soon.

I am also starting my first knitted shawl as a birthday present for my Mam. After much deliberation I finally decided to go for Veera Välimäki‘s Life on Sundays shawl. I love this pattern and it doesn’t look like it will be too difficult for  me – as my first knitted shawl. I am using a lovely lilac purple sock yarn Marchmont from The Yarn Yard that I got as part of the Small Skein Society and a charcoal grey Toddy called HB, also from The Yarn Yard. I wound these last night – in anticipation of my trip – and they are both beautiful! I can’t wait to see how they knit up.

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