My first knitted shawl – Life On Sundays

IMG_7501cropKnitting a shawl is one of those knitting goals or landmarks you set yourself when you start knitting. I’ve seen so many beautiful lace shawls but I decided to do something mainly in garter stitch for my first; I still don’t think I’m quiet ready for lace shawls!


I offered to make my Mam a shawl for her birthday, so I got her to choose the pattern. I had fallen in love with Colour Affection after seeing the KAL that had been going on in the TIK forum on Ravelry but I felt it was a bit too much work for my first shawl, so I showed my Mam other patterns which had nice colour combinations.

She chose Life on Sundays, another of Veera Välimäki‘s patterns, which I was delighted with because I have been looking at this pattern for months wanting to try it.

The yarn I used is from The Yarn Yard, the lilac one is called Marchmont  which was part of the SSS club I was subscribed to and is 100% merino. The grey is a yarn called Toddy and the colour was ‘HB’ (like the pencil), this is 75% merino and 25% nylon…which I think makes it extra bouncy!


I loved knitting with this yarn, it was soft and easy to work with, but my favorite thing about it is how the semi-solid colour looks when it is knitted up, especially with the HB, I love it!

The pattern isn’t very difficult, but I kept making mistakes from not paying proper attention to what I was doing. I managed to fix all but one (and I don’t think anyone would see it). I learnt how to cable without a needle – which is very useful…especially when only cabling one stitch.

I am delighted with the result and my Mam loves her shawl – although it has been too warm to wear it yet.


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