My first…colourwork

IMG_20131022_223612I took an “Introduction to Colourwork” class at This is Knit back in October. We learnt how to do colourwork by knitting this True Colours hat. I chose to knit the main colour in a dark grey Rico Design Essentials Soft Merino Aran and the colourwork in Malabrigo Rios, in the Aguas colourway. I really enjoyed the class, it was such a cool technique to learn and as always Siobhán is a great teacher (I also took her Intermediate knitting class at the start of the year). I am now able to knit with two different coloured yarns, knitting English style with one and Continental with the other, while holding both yarns at the same time. I had previously tried some Continental and I really like it, as I was a crocheter before a knitter I think it makes a lot of sense for my brain. However I’m not such a fan when pearling, but with colourwork in the round there is no pearling! Yay! Please excuse my crappy picture, I’m hoping to get some decent pics in the near future.

Since then I have been wanted to learn and try out steeking. This Is Knit has a beautiful version of Kate Davies Tír Chonaill  in the shop (I’m not sure who knit it) which makes you want to try it there and then.  I love the idea of this technique, you basically knit your colourwork in the round and then cut it to make a flat piece of knit. I am setting myself a goal to do some steeking in the new year and I think I will try doing Tír Chonaill (maybe a smaller version). I came across this beautiful version of it today, it is a baby blanket with a difference by Raveler Deimne, such beautiful knitting and such a clever modification of a pattern…it has made me want to steek even more!


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