Cotton Chevron Blanket

I bought a load of cream Rico Design Creative Cotton Aran to make a baby blanket for my sister as it is nice neutral colour for a new baby of unknown sex (although he arrived 3 weeks early so we found out!) and it is easily washed.


My sister had previously sent me a link for a cable blanket she saw and liked so I set about making this nice and simple cable blanket. I cast on and ripped it about 3 times and then decided that I did not like this yarn with cables. It kept leaving huge gaps on the purl part beside the cable – where it goes from knit to purl. I read a few blog posts about how to avoid this, and then decided that it just seemed like too much hard work…I started looking for another pattern.


I had seen this blanket made by Jenny at Craftytails and that inspired me to do something similar. I used some grey cotton I had in my stash along with the cream to make some chevron stripes at either end of the blanket. I love the zigzag edge of this blanket!

I wasn’t sure of the best way to block it, after reading up on it, it seemed like steaming would be the best option but as the blanket was cream and had gotten a little grubby during knitting I decided to wash it. I soaked it in warmed water and Soak detergent for 20 mins, then pinned it out and put a dry towel over and ironed it.

IMG_8153_modI think it turned out ok…not as amazing as I had hoped, I got pretty bored knitting this and lost concentration a lot…resulting in forgetting decreases etc. I was also suffering from a really sore neck and shoulders at the time so I think I now associate this with pain (which is not what knitting is about – it’s meant to be joy and fun!). It’s all a learning experience though and I now have a better idea what patterns work with cottons and what yarns work with cables.


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