Crafty Plans: 14 for 2014

I am terrible at starting a project  and then thinking up about 5 other projects I want to work on right NOW before I have even gotten half way through the first. As a result I have masses of yarn and fabric bought for projects that I never got around to, lots of Works In Progress, and desires to try everything I possibly can…and then getting annoyed that I don’t have enough time to do them all. I also always seem to prioritize things I am making for others and as a result I never really make stuff for myself. So I have decided 2014 is going to be the year of ME!  The majority of my projects are going to be for me or my house.

Here is my list of projects for 2014, and I am not allowing myself to work on anything else until this list is complete – although I have a few WIPs on the needles at the moment that need finishing.

 1. Geometric Cushion – I saw this patchwork cushion on pintrest and knew that it would go perfectly with a new chair we have bought for the house. I also knew my husband would love it.  It is made from half square triangles in a star crossed lover block.

2. Pumpkin Ale – I have been in love with Pumkin Ale since the minute I saw it. I’ve already bought the yarn (Madeline Tosh Vintage in Composition Book Grey) and the pattern so I just need some time to sit down and swatch. It looks like the pattern is a bit beyond my abilities, but I am just going to take it section by section. It might take me six months or a year…but I’ll get there (and hopefully learn a lot along the way!)

3. Table Cloth and Mats – I don’t have any actual plans or patterns or fabric yet, but I know I want to make a new, modern and funky tablecloth, with complementary table mats that have little pockets for the cutlery (like this one)

4. Socks – Again I don’t have any pattern picked out but I have TONS of sock yarn and I’ve wanted to knit socks for ages, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

5. Transition Gloves – This is another pattern I have been in love with for ages. I had to track down a printed copy of this and buy it from the States as it is out of print. I’m not sure what yarn I’m going to use yet…

6. Tir Chonaaill – After doing a colourwork class and reading up on Steeking I am dying to try it out with this pattern from Kate Davies.

7. Charm Pack Bag – This workshop on craftsy shows you how to make this bag. I think its beautiful!

8. All in a nutshell – Super cute cardigan for my little nephew (and to practice my colourwork and use up some yarn I have)

9. A Quilt – Another project that I haven’t decided on but I know I want to make another quilt this year. My sister is talking about getting married this year (but as they have just had a baby I think they might push it back to next year) and I want to make them a quilt as a wedding present. Even if they don’t get married I still want to make a quilt, and keep it for myself. I really like this cat quilt but I will probably go for something a bit more traditional. 

10. Low Tide – Another pattern I have been eyes for months and months. I’ll hopefully get it made before the summer! 

11. Crochet Candle holders – I have saved up some lovely jam jars and am going to make these to hang on my blossom tree in the summer.

12. Yarn Dyeing – I bought some undyed Merino last year with the plan to do some dyeing. I wanted to try out natural dyeing and never got around to it. I am hoping in the spring and summer to collect some plants from my Mam’s and Mother-In-Law’s gardens to do it. I also bought lots of Kool Aid for dyeing and have been reading up on it. Maybe I’ll knit some socks from yarn I dye myself!

13. Crochet Light Pendant – I saw a lovely crochet light pendant in Simply Crochet (which I can’t find now) but I am planning to make something along these lines:

14. Estuary – A beautiful scarf/shawl that will satisfy my desire to knit something lace(ish).

So there it is!  I think there is plenty of variety of project types and sizes to keep me interested and busy. I’m not sure how many I will get through throughout the year but I’ll be posting my progress on the list. 


2 thoughts on “Crafty Plans: 14 for 2014

  1. Hi, thanks for popping by and following my blog 🙂 you have some beautiful projects lined up for the new year. I love the Tin Can Knits designs – estuary in blue – gorgeous. Would be great to make some crochet candle holders for the garden too 🙂 ….. I’m dreaming of the summer already!
    Claire x

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