Leaflines shawlette

I have finally finished and photographed my Leaflines Shawlette! I started this last July, with the intention of giving it to my Mother-In-Law for the autumn, but it ended up being a birthday present for her at Christmas. She think she loved it!


The pattern isn’t too difficult but needs some concentration and takes a pretty long time. I was only getting through one or two rows in an evening towards the end. The pattern uses beads on the edging but after trying two different sizes (and failing) I decided not to bother and I think the shawl look great without them too!

DSCF4328I used Drop Laces, a Silk/Alpaca 2 ply, but found the yarn to thin to work with so I held it double, and it worked out well, especially after blocking. The fabric has a lovely drape (also thanks to the great pattern), and is warm and soft.

I’m really happy with how it turned out, I’d almost be tempted  to make another for myself!



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