My First Quilt – finished!

I posted about my quilting class back in December, but with my little crafting and blogging break, I never got around to blogging or taking pictures of my finished quilt!

The pattern was given to me by my quilting teacher, it is called a Rail Fence quilt. I used three different pattern (and colour) fabrics from the Tilda Summer Blues range that I picked up at the Knit and Stitch show in the RDS. Each of the fat quarters was cut up into strips and these strips were sewn together to make wider strips (containing one of each of the patterns) and then these were cut up into blocks. The blocks were pieced together to give a continuing pattern in the blue and white fabrics. I decided to do a wide border, as my quilt was pretty small, but first I added a navy flange to give a little contrast between the pieced blocks and border. The flange shouldn’t have been difficult to do, but with my pretty bad piecing it meant that all my straight edges weren’t necessarily straight. Adding the border led to further problems with straight edges but I unpicked and re-did a few times, trimmed a little here and there and ended up with something that was pretty ok looking.


I then basted my quilt using curved safety pins, to pin my quilt top to (or through) the cotton batting and the quilt back. Once I was happy that all three layers of my quilt sandwich were in place, I started to quilt my quilt. This was my first attempt at quilting and as I didn’t have a quilting foot I decided to do straight lines, using my normal sewing foot, sewing through the three layers.  It worked out ok on my little machine with my little quilt, but I find it hard to believe that I would be able to do a full size quilt on this, the throat space is just too narrow! I had some tension issues – and then made the mistake of changing my stitch size to do something else and forgetting to change it back. I unpicked a couple of places – especially in the corners where stitches over lap and the fabric bunched a bit!


IMG_5138I used the green fabrics from the front of my quilt as my backing fabric and the navy from the flange as my binding. I was resisting hand sewing of the binding and had planned to machine it on both the front and back but once I sat down and got into it, the hand sewing flew, I became quiet good at it and I ended up with a better looking binding, and a better looking quilt.

I found out a week or so after I finished this that I am pregnant, so this is going to be for my new baby, it’s a perfect weight for a summer baby. All in all, I am really delighted with my first quilt. It’s not perfect – but then again, neither am I! (I really should have ironed it before taking pics – it had been sitting folded in my craft room for three months.)





4 thoughts on “My First Quilt – finished!

  1. Baby!!! Congratulations 🙂
    And beautiful job on the quilt, you’ve motivated me to finish the one I have that just needs binding…

    • Thanks Yvonne, yes very exciting! I had lost my mojo for anything creative but now that it’s back I’m dying to get my sewing machine out and start something new.

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