In Threes FO


Another baby was born last week, the sweetest little girl you’ve ever seen. Her parents didn’t know if she was going to bed a boy or a girl so I held off knitting until she was born. I don’t usually go for pink for a girl, I tend to prefer gender neutral colours, so it shouldn’t really have mattered but I did have a skein of Malabrigo Rios in English Rose that I really wanted to use so I held out to see. It is such a beautiful pink yarn, definitely not baby pink, and is so soft and so lovely to knit with.

IMG_5231I have made Puerperium a number of times for new babies so I decided to go for a different pattern this time. I have seen many different people knit In Threes and have always thought it was lovely. Rios seemed like it would be the perfect yarn for it so I pulled out the English Rose from my stash and cast on the night before I headed away. I was driving over to England to visit my brother and his wife for the weekend (bringing his cat over to them), so between Ferry trips and coffee shop visits and train rides, and general sitting about chatting I managed to finish it over the weekend, and I LOVE IT!

IMG_5229I was (and still am) a little worried about the size. Even after all this time knitting, I still find it hard to tell if I knit tighter or looser than most, it seems to depend on the pattern and the yarn. The obvious thing to do is knit a gauge swatch, and for a big project I would, but for  a little thing like this (and the fact that I am so impatient I just want to cast on straight away) I didn’t bother. I am terrible at telling if the finished item looks a suitable size, maybe this is something I’ll get better at when I have my own baby! I used 4.5 mm needles instead of the recommended 5 mm in the hope that it would fit her sooner rather than later.

IMG_5227The buttons came from Quorn Country Crafts in Loughborough, a lovely craft shop full of yarn and LOTS of fabric and all sorts of other crafty bits and pieces, I could have spent hours in there! I love this cardigan and am going to make another for my own baby. I have a small amount of the pink yarn left, and also have some in bluey-green Rios that I used for my Luuk baby hat so I may try using both of these together for my next one – or maybe I will get another more gender neutral colour altogether!


7 thoughts on “In Threes FO

  1. This is so pretty! The pink is great! And I must say that I am also guilty of not knitting gauge swatches most of the time. But it will fit her sometime! Babies are hard to get the right size for anyway

  2. I have looked at this pattern many times but haven’t had the opportunity to make it yet. Yours looks so pretty. That wool and colour is gorgeous.

  3. This is one of my all-time favourite baby patterns. Yours is so cute and makes me want to run out to the shops right now to pick up some Rios. Gorgeous!

  4. Thanks Jenny…yeh I love Rios – I bought some green to make this pattern again but it ended up as hats – also I think this cardy is a bit girlie so I am waiting to see what sex my baby is before I do! I will defo make it again regardless.
    Thanks for your comment about the blog – it is always a work in progress – but happy enough with it for the moment!

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