Baby Knits – (Crocheted) Circle Circle Blanket


At the moment I am trying to knit and crochet EVERYTHING before this baby is born. I have so many great plans and I even have the yarn, but it’s having the time and energy to make them that is proving difficult. This weekend, I got around to blocking some finished items but I only managed to get pictures of my Circle Circle Blanket so far.


This is a small blanket, meant for the pram, but is also big enough for a cot or a lap. I was inspired to make this after seeing the pattern done in Noro a few times, I loved how colour change looked in each circle. After looking in a few LYSs I couldn’t find the Noro colourway I wanted, and I decided a superwash would be a better option for a baby blanket so myself and my husband went to The Constant Knitter and spent ages picking out yarn. I finally came away with some Katia Artist in a blue, green and yellow colourway (303) for the circles and a light grey Katia Basic Merino for the border. After making a couple of circles I decided that I hated how the colour change was working so I went back to the shop and got some Katia Basic Merino in solid colours of light turquoise and orange. I love these colours together, I wanted something gender neutral but still bright, I am getting a bit bored of all the white and cream stuff I have for the baby.


I made 32 turquoise and 16 orange circles and squared them with the light grey before blocking each square individually. I did this as I figured it would make it easier to join them. It took me weeks to get them all blocked and joined as I was doing it in batches, and working on other projects too. Doing it this way though, meant that I didn’t get totally bored from all the weaving and joining and so it didn’t seem so painful. Usually I avoid blankets with blocks cause the weaving and joining is such a pain in the ass (I need to do some join as you go blankets at some stage!).  I added the light grey border pretty much as in the pattern and then blocked it.







6 thoughts on “Baby Knits – (Crocheted) Circle Circle Blanket

    • Thanks! I whip stitched through the back loops. I had tried single crochet and also slip stitch both through back loops but found the whip stitch with a darning needle was quickest and easiest!

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