Baby Knits – Tangle Twister cardigan



As I think I may have mentioned previously, I bought some Wollmeise ages ago, but didn’t choose the colourway. I wasn’t mad about it when it arrived but after knitting it up I love it. It reminds me of a tangle twister ice pop we used to get as kids (they are still around but not half as nice).

IMG_5341I love this yarn so much. I had heard people talking about it and I kept thinking “How can this be any better than the expensive hand dyed stuff I have or have seen in the shops”? But it is. The yarn base I used was the 80/20 twin sock, which is really soft but feels super sturdy, but the defining feature of this yarn is the colour. I have only seen two skeins of this in the flesh, but the colour of them is amazing, especially the one I used for this cardigan. The colours are so vibrant and the colour changes are so gradual but so intentional (if that makes any sense), it looks like a lot of thought and effort went into the dying of the yarn. When knitting this cardigan, sometimes I would just be staring at the colours changing when I realised I had stopped knitting! I think I am really going to have to splash out and buy myself some more Wollmesise.

IMG_5423I think I also mentioned in another post that I had planned to do a new pattern with this yarn but ended going back to my good old reliable baby pattern – Puerperium. I love this pattern as it is super quick and easy and looks great when finished. I think the yarn worked really well here and I am delighted with how it turned out. As usual I didn’t swatch so I haven’t ended up with something that will fit my baby maybe in 6 months or a years time, and not in the hospital as I had planned. But c’est la vie ! At least it’s too big and not too small!


3 thoughts on “Baby Knits – Tangle Twister cardigan

  1. I love this pattern. Thanks for reminding me about it. I am looking for a newborn pattern for my husband’s baby due in the middle of the northern UK winter. I love your colour way!

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