Baby Knits – Hats


I was determined to have a hand knitted hat for my baby when he or she is born, so I knit three!

IMG_5399I’ve had the Barley pattern for months so finally decided to knit it. I am always so bad with sizing baby hats, I don’t know what it is but I have some kind of mental block about how big or small a baby’s head is, so I knit two hats in two sizes. Both are knit in Malabrigo Rios, in two different colourways. The smaller is in Azules, some left over yarn I had from knitting Luuk for my nephew, and the larger one is in Teal Feather, that I actually bought to knit another In Threes. I love this yarn, it is so nice to knit with, feels so soft and has great colours. The pattern is easy to follow and knits up really quick, the most time consuming part was the cast on but once that was done I think I did each of these in a few hours.

IMG_5403I used the tubular cast on for both of these hats. It was my first time trying it, and I had only heard of it because I searched for a good cast on for 1 x 1 rib when I was starting these.  There are lots of tutorials out there, and lots of different ways of doing it. I used this tutorial on Dye Dreams blog as I found it easy to follow and it was specific for using the cast on in the round. It takes a little longer than a regular cast on, especially the first few time but I think it is worth it because it gives a really nice edge to your ribbing, making it a little chunky but very sturdy and neat.

IMG_5397I had also seen this Hurricane hat pattern so decided to use the Teal Rios to knit that. I knit that in a smaller size, just slightly bigger than the Azules Barley. It was a quick and easy pattern and I finished it in a couple of  hours (although I fudged it at the end cause the pattern was in another room and I was too lazy to get up to look at it!). I have been eyeing up a similar pattern too, it’s this Swirl Hat. I have some lovely bright orange sock yarn that I am using to knit my Vertebrae so I may knit this as matching hat.

I’m not sure which (if any) will fit…but I hope the smaller ones do, that way the baby can grow into the bigger one! I might do another one soon for a friend who is having a baby in October.

My pictures aren’t great but I am hoping to update the post soon with a brand new little person modelling them!



7 thoughts on “Baby Knits – Hats

  1. They are gorgeous and so soft in rios with the bonus of being able to chuck in the washing machine! Love them. I will be knitting T yet another hat. They grow so quick

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