Baby Knits – Poppy Vertebrae


So another (and last for the moment) baby cardigan. I love the adult version of this, and had wanted to knit it (and Tin Can Knit’s Low Tide) for my pregnant self but never got around to it, so the baby version had to do! I love the idea of this pattern, no front to get puked on, but arms and a back to keep baby nice and warm. I really don’t know how practical this will be in Dublin in September, especially considering the weather at the moment, but I will try it out and see how we get on.

IMG_5486I knit this in Baah! Yarns La Jolla 4ply yarn in a colourway called Californian Poppy, that I bought on our holidays in the US last year. I love the bright colour, as I’m not really into pastels for babies. I actually bought this in Chicago, but spent a week in California too. The yarn is 100% merino with a high twist /plied (I don’t really know the difference) which made it very easy to knit with and makes the finished garment feel pretty robust.

I think this was my first time actually knitting a garment in 4 ply or sock yarn, and I thought it would take forever, but I actually flew through it (being miniature size helps I guess!)  It was also my first time doing a cardigan where you have to pick up for the button band. I usually avoid patterns that require picking up stitches because I always think I make a mess and it looks terrible (I haven’t looked at my Pumpkin Ale in months because I still have a side of cardigan to pick up), but I am actually really happy with the result here – so maybe I will not be so dismissive in future.


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