First FO with baby in toe

IMG_5664IMG_5658I finished off all my baby projects before my little boy was born but have had a few other WIPs that had to take a back seat while I got to grips with a newborn.
Now that he’s a bit older and sleeping more I get some time to knit (nothing like as much time as I used to spend on the needles). I even started a new project back in November, a Christmas stocking that was meant for U’s first Christmas. Needless to say I didn’t get it finished in time, but I dont think he noticed 😉

IMG_5657The pattern was Cool Stocking and I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, in colours that are very similar to the ones used in the pattern.
This was an interesting knit, my first colourwork since knitting this True Colours Hat in a colourwork class about a year ago. I really enjoyed it and learnt so much about my tension when knitting stranded with 2 hands. Its by no means perfect but for once I don’t really mind (I don’t have time for endless ripping and re-knitting anymore!).
It was also my first time knitting anything sock related as socks have always scared me. I love the idea of them but learning how to turn the heal always seemed like it required more brain power than I was willing to give at any particular time. The heal on this is an “after thought” heal which I actually found pretty easy. I think my fear has been conquered so will defo try some more socks soon. My kitchener stitch was a hit rushed and so is a bit messy but all in all I love the result.



I’ve been working away on my Scarborough Shrug that I’m knitting in a bronze colourway of Katia Air Lux. I’ve just cast off for the second time, as the first was too tight. It is on the blocking mats so once dry I need to seam it and knit the arm and neck bands. I’m hoping to have it done soon…then on to the next WIP – String Band Hat that I am knitting for my husband. All I will have left then in my WIP pile is my Pumpkin Ale which I haven’t looked at in about a year…I hope I can figure out where I was in the pattern!


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